MidTown Tosa Strategic Master Plan

On May 1, the Wauwatosa Common Council unanimously approved the MidTown Tosa Master Plan. Thank you to everyone who had a role in making this happen. Now let's go and create an even better MidTown Tosa!

The Strategic Master Plan for MidTown Tosa  describes a desired vision for the future of the district and provides recommendations to achieve that future. The Plan will help decision makers, stakeholders, and community members define redevelopment opportunities and improvements throughout the corridor.  Doing so will establish a framework to ensure incremental policies and decisions help achieve those aspirations over time. More than a snapshot in time, the plan will be a living document, used and updated by decision-makers, property owners, businesses, and residents. The Plan will provide a measured assessment of present conditions and future redevelopment opportunities that focuses on meeting the needs of the Midtown Tosa neighborhood and community at large.

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