Common Council Approves Zoning Changes

The Wauwatosa Common Council unanimously approved the proposed Zoning changes for MidTown on August 6, 2019.  The only change made was in the height limitation for the MID-MIX district (core commercial): 3 stories and 42 feet

This approval implements many of the regulatory aspects from the Master Plan and positions MidTown well for future growth and development of the entire district.

Plan Commission Recommends Approval of Zoning Changes


April 8 Plan Commission Meeting

On April 8, the Wauwatosa Plan Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the proposed changes to the zoning code in the MidTown Tosa District with 1 amendment: height restrictions in the MID-MIX district (core commercial area) were changed from 55 feet and 4 stories to 42 feet and 3 stories (under current C2 zoning, there is no height restriction). 

The next step in the approval process is a public hearing before the Common Council on May 21

A map of the proposed changes can be found to the left, with complete detail at the link below

The MidTown Board supports the proposed changes:

- They follow the approved MidTown Tosa Master Plan
- They maintain the current character and feel of MidTown
- They simplify zoning to only 3 districts (residential, transitional and mixed use)
- They prohibit certain businesses such as drive through retail
- They modify several currently non-conforming uses
- Height restrictions follow current market conditions

MidTown Tosa Strategic Master Plan

On May 1, 2018, the Wauwatosa Common Council unanimously approved the MidTown Tosa Master Plan. Thank you to everyone who had a role in making this happen. Now let's go and create an even better MidTown Tosa!

The Strategic Master Plan for MidTown Tosa  describes a desired vision for the future of the district and provides recommendations to achieve that future. The Plan will help decision makers, stakeholders, and community members define redevelopment opportunities and improvements throughout the corridor.  Doing so will establish a framework to ensure incremental policies and decisions help achieve those aspirations over time. More than a snapshot in time, the plan will be a living document, used and updated by decision-makers, property owners, businesses, and residents. The Plan will provide a measured assessment of present conditions and future redevelopment opportunities that focuses on meeting the needs of the Midtown Tosa neighborhood and community at large.